Alice (sagemessalina) wrote,

Looking for the good in the small

The past work week was a little strange. After the snow day Monday, I had to stay in school until about 8:15 for a student exhibition. (I did leave the building to buy groceries, and found butter caramel soft serve ice cream, though!)

Then the next two nights I stayed on average until 7 grading for the upcoming semester report card. (My work this week will be manageable thanks to working longer last week. And I didn't take any marking home, maintaining a boundary of work life and home space.)

I went on a date that didn't end very pleasantly or well last Friday, but I did get to go ice skating.

So much of life can be summed up in platitudes or petty complaints. (Or major hurts. I've got petty complaints, but everybody's got something.) I'm doing my best to focus on the happier parts, without ignoring or lying about the other stuff. My school administrators are shortsighted and wrong in their system of curriculum documentation and articulation; it is frustrating. Friday night, I bought fruit from the corner stand next to me, and the woman who sold it was so entertained with my exact change! I went to a late dinner with my friend Paule, and had ricotta hotcakes with honeycomb butter and banana. When I got home, my cat had vomited on a sweater I had placed near the heater for her; my first book purchased from the Garage Sale Books Japan Facebook group came in the mail wrapped like a present but in plain paper with the address written on it. Today I woke up early, but got out of bed late. But I put on bright lipstick, and saw the very friendly homeless woman who lives in my neighborhood, but I hadn't seen for several weeks. She doesn't have adequate socks for this weather at all, but I was able to catch her and give her some money.

Always a split. And not an even one at all; the many people living without shelter laughably outweighs any brief flash of altruism endorphins.

My friend Liz and one of her kids accepted my invitation to join me strawberry picking tomorrow. I found my missing house key that I thought John had, and I can stop worrying about it. I'll keep some spare socks in my bike basket.
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