Alice (sagemessalina) wrote,

Day of sleep and snow

To my complete surprise, we had a snow day today. I found out while I was still in bed at 10 till 7, when I should have been up at least 20 minutes earlier, so it was welcome news. Unfortunately, in excitement and the requirement of setting 'elearning' assignments on days off, I had a flurry of computer-based work for the next hour and a half instead of sleeping in. At least I got oatmeal, and started the day sort of normally.

But instead of going back to bed then, I explored the short and tragically canceled magic of Other Space, designed by Paul Feig, Judd Apatow's more compassionate and feminist producing partner. It is so precious and delicate and sexually fluid and sweetly funny. When I started it, I didn't know that Joel Hodgson was on it and played the spaced out engineer, and Trace Beaulieu works and voices a puppet robot. (electricwitch, get on this if you haven't seen it.) It was made by Yahoo, the completely unnecessary streaming service that saved Community, and has been dissolved because it lost so much money. I am sad for its loss, but grateful to its experiment.

I kept foolishly putting off a nap until about 5, and now I am refreshed and ready for adventure when I need to get ready for bed. It barely snowed, but it was sleety and raining for most of the day. So I stayed inside and drank tea and hot chocolate.
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