Alice (sagemessalina) wrote,

Even more gratitude

Today I am grateful for:

-Steam rooms with salt scrubs and lemon

-Getting over myself a little, accepting relationships as they are, and reconnecting with friends

-Spending all of yesterday in bed, napping and watching movies. I thank me, and my sinuses thank me for the break.

-Getting a package from my mother this morning, with a giant stuffed s'more and a tiny Royals jersey that is still way too big for my cat.

-Hearing from a guy I haven't talked to in at least 6 months Christmas evening. He still lives in Shanghai, he's still a no-good two bit heel, and has now been checking on how work and life has been going for four years since we both left Saigon. I have no delusions about his suitability as a romantic interest, but it was nice to hear from him, and nice to feel wanted.

-The new clothes I bought actually fit and are flattering.

-Murdoch Mysteries, the show I've been watching for days and days, is goofily charming, and has a pleasantly gentle, Canadian attitude towards abortion, sex work, racism and homophobia that is both anachronistic and weirdly appropriate. Plus there is an episode that's an homage to Chinatown AND one to Friday the 13th. (It is set around 1900 and has cozy mysteries in Toronto.)

-ETA: How could I forget! The perfect holiday "shit, time to pick up the pieces" song. Thanks Dolly:

It feels like I'm in a money spending spree, and I can't tell if I'm just trying to cover up feelings with consumerism, or if I'm just having a vacation at home and adding things to my apartment that I have wanted for a while. (A spree in this case is still within budgets, it's just...weeeeird.)
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