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Gratitude #5

It is grey, chilly and damp out. But right now it is 2:35pm, I am still in flannel pajamas, and I am sitting next to my little space heater with a cat on my lap. So there is a lot to feel good about.

Things I'm grateful for today:

-Yesterday I had a very long afternoon tea with Paula, and was able to give her some lemon curd. She is so interesting to talk to, and I learned about one of her side projects on this craftsman in Sendai in his eighties who hand carves Edo-style tops. They are so beautiful.

-After drinking lots and lots of tea and food off of three tiers, I went to Jimbocho, the book seller's section of Tokyo. I always spend too much money there, which is a little alarming. But today, the morning after, I am so happy with the things I bought: A really nice edition of the Harry Belafonte record Harry Belafonte Returns to Carnegie Hall. It's the one with the Chad Mitchell Trio and Odetta and Mariam Makeba as guest singers.

-Overpriced postcards that I have wanted for a year, that pop out and fold back and make Japanese storefronts and buildings. I bought each one they fucking had.

-Listening to records (excerpts from The Nutcracker, with trippy pink, purple and orange art, and Harry Belafonte) while organizing DVDs, cooking supplies, and the boxes of tea on top of my fridge. Productivity!

-Opening up a box I ordered from Modcloth EARLY, BEFORE CHRISTMAS. True to form, I had forgotten two out of four things I ordered, and half of the things are bigger than expected.

-My cat standing right in front of the space heater like she is in worship.
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