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Running and running

My last entry only filled things out until about last week. Life is actually pretty good, except for very particular relationships. So I will focus on the good and the awesome.

Last weekend I successfully made the long journey to the International Christian University's Gender Studies room for a symposium on fairy tales. My friend from work came with me, and I met a new potential friend from OkCupid there. The keynote speaker was pretty terrible, but I enjoyed the other talks, and LOVED the talk on the painter Paula Rego. The speaker was just so great, and kept referencing my favorite angry second generation feminists. (I understand the feminist backlash against them, in an attempt to move things along, and that the movement was/is seriously flawed with women of color and dealing with intersectionality. But I love Julia Kristeva and Germaine Greer's energy and furious indignation so much, it's like a tonic.)

I found out about the event from Louis, and after I told him I was going he said he was going too, and he assumed we would go together. But he came late with his friends, and we sat in different places. We did meet up for dinner later, though.

Then Sunday I sorted garbage in the rain, and fought with John in an honest way. These things feel thematically linked.

Monday was a school holiday, so I was able to go running and got to meet jenbys for a late lunch. We were trying to go to an afternoon tea, but I failed miserably at finding the place and she was incredibly gracious about it, and listened to me complain inappropriately about relationships. Happily, my whining was balanced out with her awesome prospects/news.

I hadn't gone running in ages, and my legs felt kind of wobbly the next day. But it used to be important to me, and seems like a good self care routine to get back into. I write about it regularly enough on lj, but I don't post very often either, so... It's been a little while. (Interestingly, the past month of emotional stress coincided completely with a month of no regular exercise, besides biking to school. COINCIDENCE.) So I went again on Wednesday, and Friday night. I even got a running app on my phone, so I can lug that expensive and breakable thing around. I like having real information about how far and how long I've gone; my regular run is 6 km. I am slow compared to 'real runners,' but I need to get that out of my head and never talk to Louis the marathoner about it. Because I'm proud of that! 6k! If I can do the same next week, and the next, maybe I'll work on adding a little distance or trying to go faster. But good job for now, body!

Unrelated, the shining star of my Halloween at home was finding the web comic The Last Halloween. It's creepy, it's funny, it's beautifully drawn and fantastically paced. The world should read it.

ETA: Cookie baking. Cookie baking also happened. This recipe is not up to par with my grandmother's, but for my first attempt they are extremely edible. Underbake the hell out of them.
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