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Rainy season hikes and non-Miyazaki Ghibli

The last day of the 12 day week! And of course tomorrow I will still wake up early, because I have sort of agreed to a hike up Takao-san, a nearby mountain. It is supposed to be beautiful, but it is 1.5 hours away, and if it is raining like it was this morning I am BAILING.

The kittens are gone, and the room they stayed in now smells faintly of orange cleaning spray. For the last two nights I have tried the "daily 20 minutes" plan of cleaning, just fixing whatever you can for 20 minutes and then calling it done. I will see if I can keep it; laundry drying and putting away takes me a long time, and it helps to 'count it' toward actual cleaning.

I have also started to watch the Ghibli movies I have missed. Castle of Cagliostro was one of Miyazaki's first movies, before the studio was founded. It was very late 70s action adventure anime; I am sorry I avoided it when my high school boyfriend tried to get me to watch it. I also watched Whispers of the Heart, which Miyazaki did not direct, but was still good. It was very cheesy, and 14 year olds declare their intentions to marry one day, but it was worth it for the fantasy sequences and the visual cultural landmarks. (The main character's apartment, the trains, the streets and the sidewalks are very accurate.)

I guess I should get on the Isao Takahata train. The only movie of his I've seen is the latest, The Tale of Princess Kaguya. It was good, and very beautiful, but super depressing. I only managed about 3 minutes of Grave of Fireflies the last time I tried it, so I'm not holding my breath for that one.

In other news, it is the right time to buy a decrepit house in Japan:
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