Alice (sagemessalina) wrote,

Rain and more rain

I have not run since Friday, and it is sad. The mountain walking was on Saturday, so that was fine, but every day so far this week has been very rainy. There are two storms swinging by Japan from both ends, and yesterday the roads were just sheeting with water. (I still biked home, though. What else are these stylish rain pants for?)

Today in school, my two classes are cancelled because of a grade 7 iPad roll out thing. It is normally my one light day of the week anyway, but now it is completely empty. I went to visit the 7th graders to be a body on hand, but there is nothing to do. I've planned until the 21st for all classes. There is nothing else I should do. Maybe documentation/unit planning, or fixing some old test that we might use again in two months, but the coordinator hasn't opened up anything for us to do for this year, and planning two months ahead is just dumb.

So I had a sweet potato and brown sugar ice cream, wrote half a letter, and lurk around livejournal. I feel restless, but also tired. This week has been strange so far, and I will be very happy when it is over, and I can reset.

ETA: Volunteering to be with the grade 7 iPad thing and with the grade 6 'everybody make a blog!' thing was absolutely the best thing I could have done with my time.
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