Alice (sagemessalina) wrote,

Survived Summer!

Or very nearly. I don't think of the summer as really done until my birthday, which will be in a week. But this morning my dad got on a plane to return to the US, after two weeks in Japan, and boy does that feel like an accomplished, desperate ending.

He did pretty well, and had a pretty good time for a man nearly 60 taking a huge step outside of his comfort zone who can't communicate his feelings or even mild preferences, making planning for him impossible. Many times he was miserable, because of the intense heat or that I had failed to read how hungry he was.

Yesterday night I was shocked when he started talking about maybe visiting in the spring, when it was nicer. I wanted to respond, "You hated everything, why are you talking about returning??" But okay.

I intend to walk around my apartment naked as much as I can before I need to go back to school Tuesday.
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