Alice (sagemessalina) wrote,

Connecticut is a green place

I have emptied my teenage closet, and fixed my mother's range. I have also been slightly dumped (by the extra guy, for lack of a better term, with whom I only went on one official date) via text, then panic/angst texted the next day saying it had been a terrible mistake we should date I'm wonderful, and moved up to Connecticut to see my brother and his wife, and got to see friend Anna for the first time in years, and will get to make a pit stop in New York and see friend Shauna whom I also haven't seen in years.

I'm very proud of the closet. On the guy, I've got three weeks before I'm back in Japan, so I'm not holding my breath on any of that, but will monitor things.

Visiting people has been wonderful. Seeing my younger brother's house and yard and in laws is very surreal, but I am happy for him. It is a sleepy scattered town; I hope he'll be happy here.
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